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dog obedience & dog behavior modification training

We provide a wide variety of dog training programs tailored to your dog's specific needs. Our programs range from daily obedience training to specialized sport and protection training. Our certified trainers are dedicated to helping your dog reach its full potential.

Why Choose STK9 Training Company?
  • Our trainers have 20+ years of experience training dogs

  • Training is conducted by owners

  • We are a family owned and operated business

  • Training sessions are held at the Pasadena Pet Motel, which holds an active kennel license issued by Pinellas County Animal Control. This license ensures that all proper procedures and protocols are strictly followed in accordance with animal control guidelines.

  • We limit our students to a minimal number at all times. This allows us to provide each dog with the individual attention and focus that they need. With fewer dogs in training, we can maintain the highest level of quality and ensure that each dog's progress is closely monitored and supported.

day train

With our day train programs, you can drop off your dog Monday through Friday for a day of intensive obedience training and doggie daycare.

board & train

In our board and train programs, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professionally certified trainers. 

K9 Sport training

Our trainers are experts in PSA (Protection Sports Association) and can assist newcomers and those looking to advance in the sport. You can trust our experienced trainers to guide and support you on your PSA journey.

refresher training

We offer a "refresher" program to help maintain your dog's training and behaviors. This program is designed to keep your dog's behaviors in top shape and provide mental stimulation. Just like practicing a sport, training requires consistent practice to maintain skills. Our refresher program ensures that behaviors are efficiently maintained.

Here's how it works:

  • If your dog plans to do doggie daycare at the Pasadena Pet Motel, you can pay an additional $50 to STK9 for boarding or daycare.

  • We provide training sessions throughout the day to effectively reinforce desired behaviors.

  • For an additional $100, we offer refresher lessons with clients at our facility.

  • We also provide the option of in-home lessons for an extra fee.

Contact us during business hours via call, email, or text for more information.

personal protection training

Our trainers have extensive experience in training personal protection dogs. We can provide information on where to purchase a trained dog or offer one-on-one lessons at our Dade City location using your own dog. Lessons are priced at $100, and the duration will depend on your specific training goals for your dog.


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