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Board and Train Obedience Programs

Are you struggling with your dog's behavior and in need of reliable obedience training? Look no further than STK9 Training Company's board and train obedience programs. Our programs are designed to address and rehabilitate minor behavior issues such as boosting confidence, addressing mild aggression, and addressing puppy behaviors. These programs are available to dogs over four months old. 

Why Choose STK9 Training Company?
  • We are a family owned and operated business with 20+ years of experience training dogs.

  • Training sessions are held at the Pasadena Pet Motel, which holds an active kennel license issued by Pinellas County Animal Control. This license ensures that all proper procedures and protocols are strictly followed in accordance with animal control guidelines.

  • We limit our number of students to a minimal number of dogs at a time. This allows us to provide each dog with the individual attention and focus that they need.

Questions? Common answers to frequently asked questions

programs offered

At STK9, we offer two different board and train programs: 

  • On-leash training

  • Off-leash training

Dogs must complete on-leash training before proceeding to off-leash.​

Student Requirements

Students must be four months or older and must have required vaccinations.

Student Updates

We post regular photo updates of our students to social media platforms.

does my dog get downtime?

Yes! We give our students a break from training on Saturdays and Sundays. This is similar to how children attend school or adults work five days a week. A short break helps rejuvenate and builds eagerness to resume training. We find that our dogs have responded positively to this schedule.

Commands Learned

Commands learned in both on-leash and off-leash:

  • Sit/ Stay

  • Down/ Stay

  • Place

  • Heel

  • 20 foot come when called

  • Off

Pricing Information
The cost is $2,650 for on-leash training, and $1,825 for off-leash training. Dogs must complete on-leash training before proceeding to off-leash.

graduation information

Go-home lessons are completed at our South Pasadena facility in an outdoor environment where we practice real-life scenarios. In-home lessons are offered for an additional fee.

how do I get started?

First, complete our evaluation form. We will then contact you to schedule an evaluation, which will take place at our facility. We will arrange a drop-off time for you in the morning, and you can return two hours later for a review of the evaluation. If you're unable to return after two hours, your dog can stay until the end of the day for a day care fee. We can also email you the evaluation results. If you'd like to enroll after the evaluation, we'll be happy to get the process started with you. Please note that all evaluations require a morning drop-off.

Board and train program overview

In our board and train programs, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professionally certified trainers. By boarding your dog during training, we are able to have complete control over every aspect of their day.


Utilizing a board and train facility enables us to modify your dog's behavior gradually and effectively. We can control the introduction of variables at our own pace, ensuring that each encounter has a positive impact on their training.

tailored training for every dog

Our experienced trainers understand that every dog is unique, which is why we tailor our training to your dog's specific needs, training at their own pace. We provide one-on-one outdoor lessons at our South Pasadena facility, where we practice real-life scenarios, helping your dog apply their newfound obedience skills in practical situations. 

real-life field trips

To ensure that your dog excels in various environments, we organize field trips to places like Home Depot, Pet Supermarket, and Downtown St. Petersburg and Gulfport areas. This exposes them to high stimulation environments, helping them generalize their obedience skills.

engaging daytime environment

During the day, your dog will have multiple training sessions, rotating with other enrolled students. When not training, they will enjoy their own air-conditioned spacious run, complete with mental stimulation toys, chews, fresh water, and a cozy bed. 

socialization opportunities

To further enhance their socialization skills and boost their confidence, your dog will have the opportunity to participate in doggie daycare through the Pasadena Pet Motel. This provides them with valuable playtime and interaction with other dogs in a safe and supervised environment.

flexible program duration

Our training programs typically take around two weeks, although the duration may vary depending on your dog's progress. We pride ourselves on training dogs at their own pace, ensuring that they fully grasp the obedient behaviors. There are no additional fees if your dog takes longer to complete the program, nor any discounts if they progress faster.

post-program support & resources

After your dog completes our board and train obedience programs, we offer a one-on-one outdoor training lesson with you and your dog at our South Pasadena facility to practice real-life scenarios. This lesson usually lasts 1-2 hours. We also provide in-home lessons for an extra fee. In addition, parents will receive an obedience video of their dog, obedience handouts, and any training tools used in the program. We want to ensure that you have all the resources to continue reinforcing the training at home. *Note: Kuranda cots or Kato boards can be purchased for an additional fee. 


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