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Improve Your Dog's Behavior with Professional Obedience Behavior Modification Training


Looking for the best dog training in St. Petersburg? Look no further! We provide a variety of dog training programs tailored to your dog's specific needs. Our programs range from daily obedience training to specialized K9 sport and protection training. Our certified trainers are dedicated to helping your dog reach its full potential.


We believe that a strong foundation in obedience is crucial for preventing and managing unwanted behaviors in dogs. Obedience training plays a vital role in strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners by establishing clear lines of communication. 

We are a family-owned business with over 20 years of dog training expertise. Our head trainer, Samantha Taylor, holds a Master Trainer certification from Tarheel K9. Our training sessions take place at the licensed Pasadena Pet Motel, adhering to rigorous animal control guidelines by Pinellas County Animal Control. We place a high priority on individual attention, limiting our training to a small number of dogs at all times. This approach allows us to monitor and support each dog's progress closely, ensuring high-quality results.

Day Train Programs

With our day train programs, you can drop off your dog Monday through Friday for a day of intensive obedience training and doggie daycare.

Board & Train Programs

In our board and train programs, your dog will stay at our training facility while being trained by our professionally certified trainers.

K9 Sport Training

STK9 trainers are highly experienced in the sport of PSA (Protection Sports Association) and can provide assistance to teams who are new to the sport or looking to progress further.

Personal Protection

STK9 trainers have experience in training personal protection dogs. We can provide information on where to purchase a trained dog or offer one-on-one lessons at our Dade City location with your own dog.


Parents Recommend

Rachel D. 

"Great company that really takes care of the dogs they teach! This is a must for pets as well as working dogs."


"Greatly recommend STK9 not only for their staff and experience but for the Pet Motel as well."

Kristina S.

"They go above and beyond just training - they care about the success of the dogs and their families! Highly recommend!!"


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